BC Technical Online Training for CE Credits!

Posted by Rachel Masey

Thu, Sep 13, 2012 @ 09:41 AM

In order to provide the best patient care, health professionals must invest in educational opportunities that give them up to date knowledge and skills. Within the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging field,Technologists are required to earn 24 CE credits every two years by completing approved educational activities.  However, continuing education is not just a requirement for certification. It increases the chances of the best possible results for patient care. New discoveries in health care are made every day. Health care providers have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain new information, and put them to work for the benefit of their patients.

BC Technical is proud to offer continuing education opportunities to help you achieve your highest level of health service for your patients. Beginning this fall, we will offer multiple online courses. All CE courses are approved by The Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging for Category A credit. 

Recently, BC Technical, Inc. attended the Viva Las Vegas show – SNM Pacific Southwest Technologists Chapter. Ava Bixler, our molecular imaging Clinical Product Specialist, presented on Radiation Safety. If you missed out, here is a highlight from her speech.

Did you know?

Because they contain low levels of minerals that naturally decay, bananas are radioactive. The fruit contains high levels of potassium. Radioactive K-40 has an isotopic abundance of 0.01% and a half-life of 1.25 billion years.

The average banana contains around 450 mg of potassium and will experience about 14 decays each second. It's no big deal; you already have potassium in your body, 0.01% as K-40. We know that bananas are an essential part of proper nutrition and proven to help with stress, anemia, depression, hangovers, morning sickness, and many other heath issues.However, can your body handle the radiation?

Eating a banana for breakfast is not going to set off a Geiger counter. However, if you carry a produce truck full of them, you might encounter some problems!

Interesting Facts:

Banana Equivalent Doses

500 Million = Ten minutes next to Chernobyl reactor core after explosion and meltdown

80 Million = Fatal dose even with treatment

20 Million = Severe radiation poisoning, fatal in some cases

500,000 = Maximum legal yearly dose for a US radiation worker

70,000 = Chest CT scan

40,000 = Ten years of normal background dose, 85% of which is from natural sources

4000 = Mammogram

1000 = Approximate total dose received at Fukushima Town Hall in two weeks following accident

400 = Flight from London to New York

300 = Yearly release target for a nuclear power plant

200 = Chest X-ray

50 = Dental X-ray

1 = Eating a banana
As new information becomes available, it’s important for professionals to learn, not only for their own growth, but also for the benefit of the client. This is especially true in health care, as it has a significant impact on the health and well-being of patients. Customers in health care are not purchasing a product; they are gaining a better quality of life and potentially more years of healthy existence as a result of the knowledge of their health care providers. ­­