Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week: The Future... Delivered

Posted by Rachel Masey

Wed, Oct 9, 2013 @ 10:27 AM

NM and Molecular Imaging

The first full week in October is set aside every year to celebrate Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the advancements associated within these communities. This celebratory week encourages us all to commemorate physicians, scientists, technologists and others who are involved in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and to learn more about the advancements that are saving lives and making a difference every day. It’s important to keep the world updated and aware of the most recent breakthroughs in research for dementia and Alzheimer’s, along with other healthcare innovations that continue to be improved. This annual event makes way for those who work in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to be recognized with appreciation and respect. It also gives the opportunity for the medical community to share some of its advancements with the world, especially when it comes to advances in cancer diagnosis and treatments that are available.

For those of you who are not too familiar with what exactly Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is, below is a quick overview!

Nuclear Medicine gathers both functional and structural results from their tests. They use painless, safe and cost-effective ways to image the body and treat diseases. Nuclear Medicine uses a very low dosage of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat diseases and they can detect disease long before other medical diagnostic tests can. 

Molecular Imaging provides visual and specific characteristics of biological processes at a cellular and molecular level, whether it be in humans or other living species. If offers 2D and 3D images and measures quantification over time. By using radiotracer imaging along with nuclear medicine and optical imaging, molecular imaging collects and reveals abnormalities that form due to disease.

Don't wait till the last minute to show appreciation to your coworkers, friends and medical collegues. Celebrate their hard work and acknowledge everything they have accomplished.