Coil Repair: Ask the right questions

Posted by Mike Smith, Repair Manager

Mon, Apr 6, 2015 @ 12:23 PM

Finding the right vendor to fix your coils means asking the right questions and then from there, building a great relationship.


You can save yourself downtime, money, hassle and ultimately improve patient care by asking the following questions: 

·         Do you repair in-house? 

·         Are prompt turn-around times offered? 

·         Is there a loaner program available? 

·         Are coils fully system tested after repair to ensure full functionality? 

·         Is there a warranty? 


In house repairs and system testing should be two important factors to your decision making process.  There is no finger pointing when something is not right. The simple fact is, repairs are made on a workbench using test instruments. Image testing your coil is the only way to tell the whole story; that your coil has been fixed and functions to OEM specifications. So finding a vendor who repairs and tests in-house is very important to a quick product return and assured quality.

Ever drop a coil and break the housing, tear the foam covering, snap off that little plastic bit? These sorts Coil2of accidents occur quite frequently. Sometimes those parts and pieces can’t be repaired and then they need to be ordered. That might make a quick turn-around difficult. A great vendor offers a loaner program so you can keep patients and revenue moving.  


Warranting repairs so the coil meets manufacturer’s specification conveys confidence that you’ve found a great vendor.  With system testing, vendors are confident repairs are complete and issues are resolved. The true test is your satisfaction. Is something not right? A great vendor works with you, finding the right solution.