The Thallium Stallions in Concert @ the SNM

POSTED BY Rachel Masey ON Fri, May 25, 2012 @ 09:41 AM
Every year, the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) holds its annual meeting. According to the SNM, this meeting is, “the premier educational and networking event in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine.” This year’s meeting will offer virtual learning opportunities, networking events, an exhibit hall packed with the latest technology, and the latest educational content.

The 2012 SNM Annual Meeting will be held June 9-13 in Miami Beach, FL, and what would a conference in Miami Beach be without a party? In addition to the dedicated exhibit hall hours and special presentations, you will want to plan to attend the Thallium Stallions concert Sunday June 10 at 8pm! Every year at the SNM annual meeting, BC Technical sponsors the Thallium Stallions in concert, which is the highlight of the entire conference for many. The Stallions are all current nuclear medicine professionals, physicians, and industry thought leaders turned rock stars for a night. They play their own brand of music: radioactive, metal rock and roll or “hot metal” (a cross between metal and old school rock and roll with a unique nuclear twist.)

The band features: Jack Ziffer, a radiologist, cardiologist and corporate Vice President with Miami Baptist Health Medical Group on saxophone; Ernie Garcia, developer of the Emory Cardiac Toolbox software package and renowned physicist at Emory University Medical Center also on saxophone; Howard “Specto” Lewin, specialist in PET imaging and a premier cardiologist from Los Angeles, CA on drums; Bob Cleary, University Chair of Nuclear Medicine at Keiser University on bass/vocals; Perry Collins, a long time nuclear medicine professional on the industry side on keyboard and lead vocals; John Felock, another long time nuclear medicine professional from the industry side on guitar/vocals; and Dwight Nicholson, nuclear medicine professional turned IT guru also on guitar/vocals.

“We are basically a party band that takes a lot of songs and adapts them to a nuclear medicine theme. We play during the [SNM Annual Meeting] every year. [Our concert] gives everyone a chance to let their hair down for a night and just have a good time. It seems like every luminary in the world is there—all the big names. They all want to see us become legends in our own minds,” Bob Cleary jokes. He adds, “We’ve got some extra special stuff planned for this year’s show!”

This concert will truly be a night to remember, so come enjoy drink specials, have your night documented by a complimentary party photographer, and lose yourself in the sound of the wild Thallium Stallions. You won’t want to miss this!

The Thallium Stallions will take the stage Sunday night of the conference (June 10, 2012) at 8pm at the beautiful Bâoli Miami restaurant. For more information and to pick up your commemorative wrist band forfree entry, be sure to visit BC Technical at booth 922 during exhibit hall hours Saturday and Sunday.
Thallium Stallions