What to expect if your child needs a CT scan

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CAT scan

How do MRI scans effect tattooed skin?

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Are you part of the tattoo fad?

MRI scans affect tattoos

RF Shielding

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RF (Radio Frequency) Shield_Noise Shielding plays a huge role in the MRI’s ability to provide quality images. It is a requirement for all MRI systems to be housed within a RF Shielded MRI scanning room. The RF Shield is used to keep RF noise from getting into the images.  Radio stations, electrical equipment and other radio frequency signals can all be responsible for potential image damage if they are not protected by the MRI exam rooms’ RF shielding. This particular shielding consists of layers of metal installed in the MRI exam rooms, covering all of the walls, ceilings and floors. The shielding must cover every window, door, even electrical circuits and other gaps that penetrate the room. One open seam, one small puncture or even a slight slice in a shield can cause image damage and poor shield performance. The metals most used to build these protective rooms are are copper, aluminum and galvanized steel. When it comes to price, most facilities will turn to galvanized steel before copper, since copper is well known for being more expensive.

Things to do BEFORE having a RF Shielding room built:

RSNA: Experience / Explore / Discover

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RSNA is a medical association made up of over 50,000 physicists, oncologists, radiologists and other scientists who are dedicated to offering excellent patient care and promoting quality healthcare. The society is committed to providing educational programs and high quality materials that will help radiologists and scientists continue to learn about and be educated in all of the advancements within the medical field. Their headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois and their yearly educational meeting is held at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago, Illinois. RSNA offers thousands of continuing education credits and also publishes two of the top Radiology journals, Radiology and RadioGraphics.

MRI Scans: Are they dangerous if you are pregnant?

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MRI and pregnant

If your doctor is urging you to get a

What does it mean to be an Imaging Expert?

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A research study developed in November of 2012 by the Indiana University School of Medicine showed that out of 307 people who had undergone outpatient CT scans at the university hospital, an astounding 67% of them hardly had a clue as to what radiologists actually do. This is not necessarily the patients’ fault, however. Not many radiologists actually interact with the people that are being scanned. Most radiologists spend their time in reading rooms, studying and interpreting images; striving to come up with the best solutions for their findings. Meanwhile, the patients are interacting with physicians and doctors, not the actual individual who has dissected each image and is the most familiar with the results of a scan.

Find your VOICE: Radiation Safety

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If you need VOICE credits, or are simply interested in exploring new imaging topics, BC Technical is your partner for success. We offer monthly webinars that can be accessed at your convenience. Each course is worth 1 VOICE credit and has been developed by our Clinical Support Specialists.

Our current webinar topic: Radiation Safety


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Airport Body Scanner Risks - Get the Facts Here

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So there you are standing, shoeless, in a line impatiently waiting to send your belongings through the baggage scanner when you realize that you yourself are required to be scanned and examined as well. How do you feel about that?